YouTube has transformed the media landscape, creating a platform for individuals to showcase their talents, share their passions, and build communities. Over the years, many YouTubers have risen to fame, accumulating millions of subscribers and creating a lasting impact on popular culture. In this blog post, we will explore two lists: the most famous VIP YouTubers and the YouTubers who leveraged their online success to venture into other domains, such as movies, Netflix series, or even boxing. Let’s start now!\

Most famous VIP YouTuber’s

#1 PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg)

PewDiePie is an iconic figure on YouTube, known for his gaming commentary and vlogs. With over 111 million subscribers, he held the title of the most subscribed YouTuber for several years. His charismatic personality and humor have made him a household name among internet users worldwide.

#2 MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson)

MrBeast gained prominence for his philanthropic stunts, viral challenges, and extravagant giveaways. His entertaining content and dedication to making a positive impact have earned him over 153 million subscribers. MrBeast’s ability to capture attention and engage with his audience has propelled him to VIP status.

#3 Dude Perfect (Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney)

Dude Perfect is a sports and comedy group that specializes in trick shots, stereotypes, and battles. Their engaging content and skillful performances have garnered them a massive following of 59.3 million subscribers. Dude Perfect’s blend of athleticism and entertainment has solidified their place as VIP YouTubers.

#4 Jenna Marbles (Jenna Mourey)

Jenna Marbles rose to fame with her humorous skits, vlogs, and DIY videos. She became one of the earliest female YouTube stars and has amassed over 19+ million subscribers. Jenna’s relatable content and distinctive style have made her an influential figure in the YouTube community.

#5 Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson gained fame through his personal vlogs, conspiracy theories, and documentary-style content. Known for his deep dives into various topics, he has amassed a loyal following of over 19+ million subscribers. Shane’s ability to create engaging and thought-provoking content has propelled him to VIP status.

YouTubers who became VIPs through External Ventures

#1 Logan Paul

Logan Paul (23.6 M subscribers on YouTube) initially gained popularity on YouTube through his vlogs and comedic skits. However, his venture into professional boxing, including high-profile matches with fellow YouTuber KSI, propelled him to international fame. This crossover success helped him secure movie roles and expand his reach beyond YouTube. Currently, he is playing in WWE.

#2 Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh, also known as Superwoman, gained prominence through her comedic skits and vlogs on YouTube with 14.5 million subscribers. Her success on the platform led to numerous opportunities, including hosting a late-night talk show called “A Little Late with Lilly Singh.” She successfully transitioned from YouTube to mainstream media, showcasing her versatility as a content creator.

#3 Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy’s comedic sketches and vlogs on YouTube, with 17 Million subscribers, catapulted her to stardom. Her talent and charm landed her acting roles in television shows, movies, and digital series. Liza’s ability to seamlessly transition between platforms allowed her to expand her career beyond YouTube.

#4 Colleen Ballinger (Miranda Sings)

Colleen Ballinger, known for her comedic character Miranda Sings, gained popularity through her YouTube channel and gained 10 million Subscribers. Her unique blend of music, comedy, and storytelling resulted in a Netflix series called “Haters Back Off!” This opportunity allowed her to bring her character to a broader audience.

#5 David Dobrik

David Dobrik’s vlogs, filled with pranks, comedic sketches, and philanthropic endeavors, garnered a massive following on YouTube, which gained almost 18M subscribers. His popularity propelled him to venture into traditional media, where he has appeared in movies, TV shows and even hosted his own reality show. Dobrik’s magnetic personality and humor have helped him achieve VIP status beyond YouTube.

These YouTubers have successfully utilized their online platforms as stepping stones to explore new avenues and achieve VIP status outside of YouTube. Their ability to adapt, entertain, and connect with audiences has propelled them to new heights in the entertainment industry. The reason for YouTube’s reward system is to leverage individual creativity and provide a platform for content creators to showcase their unique talents and perspectives. Here are the features which need the attention of!

Subscriber Count ThresholdWe believe that 100k is the minimum number of subscribers a user needs to reach in order to become a “VIP” on YouTube.
Benefits of VIP StatusThe privileges that come with being a VIP on YouTube, such as promotional offers from brands, the opprtunity to attend special YouTube meetups, and get the attention from the media biz outisde YouTube
Silver Button RewardThe reward given to users who reach 100k subscribers on YouTube, such as a silver button or plaque. More rewards follow at 1 million subs and 10 million subs.
Social ProofThe importance of having a large following on social media platforms like YouTube for establishing social proof. Establishes credibility and authority in the YouTube community, attracting more subscribers , engagement, and brand opportunities


The rise of VIP YouTubers and their success outside of YouTube is a testament to the power of digital media and the ability of individuals to create their own paths in the entertainment industry. These content creators have proven that YouTube is not just a platform for viral videos and cat memes but a legitimate avenue for building careers and making a lasting impact on popular culture.

As the landscape of media continues to evolve, we can expect to see more YouTubers crossing over into mainstream entertainment and achieving VIP status. YouTube has become a launchpad for talent, providing a platform where creativity knows no bounds, and the possibilities are endless.

By offering rewards and incentives, such as the opportunity to become a VIP YouTuber, YouTube motivates and encourages creators to push the boundaries of their imagination, continually innovate, and deliver engaging content that resonates with viewers. This approach fosters a vibrant and diverse community where creators are empowered to express themselves authentically, share their passions, and connect with audiences on a profound level. The reward system not only benefits the creators but also enriches the lives of viewers by providing a vast array of content that entertains, educates, and inspires. It is through this mutual exchange that YouTube has revolutionized the way we consume media and has become a driving force in shaping the future of entertainment.