When you start your youtube channel and get 100 subscribers first is very challenging. You post many exciting facts and stuff to get recognized but end up waiting for likes, comments, and subscribers to come pouring in. There is nothing to worry about; we will guide you to get 100 subscribers on youtube quickly.

But let’s be honest that if you want to get your 100 subscribers quickly, then there is nothing in this world that is quick. If you want long-lasting results, it will take a bit of time for you to start. You start with that mindset to follow these strategies to get 100 subscribers within the shortest period.

Essentials to get 100 Subscribers:

#1 Start your Channel with Enough Content

A good strategy is to keep the viewers busy by collecting videos to watch on your channel. So don’t start with just one video. Start with many at the start. Where someone somewhere in the world finds your content valuable and became the subscriber to your channel, and then it keeps growing till you give them the valuable content they are looking for

#2 Consistent and Focused 

Try to be consistent and focused from the beginning and create quality content. It would help if you were consistent in uploading videos, focusing on the content, and analyzing your growth.

Suppose you continue to deliver content targeted towards your subscribers. In that case, you will start to build momentum and gain pace at getting more subscribers every day.

#3 Ask Your Viewers to Subscribe to your Channel

The viewer is watching your video, and you are providing valuable information to them. There is nothing wrong with asking to subscribe to your channel so that they can keep watching the videos.

Saying in your video like, 

For more related videos, make sure you subscribe to the channel,” or “Don’t forget to press the red button” and put a subscribe button at the end of the beginning of the video.

#4 Add quality content to your video

People like to know what they don’t know about, so create a video with valuable information for the targeted audience. You will see the results in pilling up subscribers.

How to do it

  • Narrow down your audience – Don’t try and appeal to everyone. Just think about for whom you are creating content—depending upon the niche like sports, movies, or food lovers? Create something that you think that your target audience will enjoy.
  • Create teasers and trailers – Upload trailers or teasers on your channel that will allow autoplay for people who have not subscribed yet. Keep it short and exciting with a call to action to subscribe so that users will be curious to know more about it and end up subscribing to your channel.
  • Create an Interesting profile – Don’t ignore your ‘About’ section. It is a place where you can tell viewers what they will gain by watching your videos and why they should subscribe. Don’t forget to add keywords to rank higher on search results and add attractive descriptions about your channel.
  • Choose searchable titles: Think about what your audience will type to find you. Only the first 45 characters are viewable in search, so choose wisely.
  • Create thumbnails: Get people to watch your videos by creating better thumbnails. It is like a mini-movie poster in itself. People like to see things that appeal to them visually. Create high resolution, bright, compelling thumbnails to stand out.
  • Add watermarks: You can brand your channel by adding watermarks to your videos that allow non-subscribers to subscribe with just a click.
  • Make use of analytics: YouTube analytics will teach you what your audience likes seeing. You can use the Audience Retention Graph to check if your video is too long or if people leave within a few minutes.
  • Create playlists: Most people don’t realize that playlists appear on YouTube search results just like videos. If you create a web series, a playlist will ensure that your audience watches the way you intended.

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